Course Catalogs

At Challenger Middle School, we have two levels of classes in English and history (social sciences): Common Core and Advanced. Common Core classes provide a rigorous curriculum that meet the needs of the majority of students. Students who are very interested in or excel in one or more of these subjects, are encouraged to select Advanced. Both levels will prepare students for an opportunity to participate in Honors/AP at the high school.

Parents have often asked which placement is best for their student. This guide is meant to help direct you to make the best choice to support your student. Middle school represents foundational skill building and appropriate placement is essential.

Common Core vs. Advanced Placement Guide

The course catalogs list the available courses with their descriptions for each grade level. Course availability is not guaranteed and may change at any time. Placement will be based on student needs and course availability.

6th Grade Course Catalog 2023-24

7th Grade Course Catalog 2023-24

8th Grade Course Catalog 2023-24


6th Grade Course Catalog 2022-23

7th Grade Course Catalog 2022-23

8th Grade Course Catalog 2022-23

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