Parents Can Request Small Group Counselor

Parents Can Sign Students up for Small Group Counseling
Small Group Counseling Available

The Counseling Center at Challenger Middle School has small counseling groups available for students who are experiencing difficulties at school.  Students can be referred for counseling groups by CMS educators and parents.  These groups are facilitated by CMS counselors and therapists from outside agencies such as UPAC, Turn Behavioral Services, and YMCA.  

Activities and discussion will be planned to help students build self-esteem, look at their own behavior, and how it impacts themselves and others, build communication skills, and help promote healthy lifestyles.  Most groups are smaller than 8 students and will meet once a week for 6 sessions, lasting approximately 30 minutes during school hours.  The meetings will rotate each week so one class will not be impacted more than any other.

Types of Groups - Sign up at this link.

Self-Esteem: Student lacks confidence about who they are and what they can do. They often feel incompetent, unloved, or inadequate.  Students who struggle with low self-esteem are consistently afraid about making mistakes or letting other people down.  Students will learn perspective, empathy, gratitude, respect, and appreciation for themselves and others.

Anger Management: Student has trouble managing anger and often acts out their anger in a destructive, rather than a constructive manner.  Group will learn about effective listening, peer negotiation and mediation, and conflict resolution.

Organizational Skills: Student with executive function issues; controlling impulses, paying attention, remembering information, planning, organizing time and materials.  Student will learn specific instructions for task initiation, time management, working memory, self-control, dealing with distractions, and perseverance.  

Coping With Grief and Loss: Designed for students suffering emotional or physical symptoms from a loss due to death, divorce, or incarceration.  Students will learn how to reflect on the feelings of grief, identify their support system, and plan for a hopeful future.

Anxiety and Stress Management: Worry, anxiety, or stress impacts student behavior, learning, or impedes normal life function.  Students will learn how to identify stressors and anxiety triggers, learn avoidable and unavoidable stressors, and coping strategies through fun and meaningful activities.  

Social Skills: Student has difficulty making friends, keeping friends, or appropriately interpreting or responding to social cues.  Group will focus on learning the difference between unhealthy and healthy relationships, how to create strong friendships, how to interpret nonverbal language, tone of voice, and effective communication skills.

Depression: Student may have negative outlook on life, experience anger issues, be lonely or isolated, has lost interest in friends or activities, has a change of eating or sleeping habits.  Students will learn identifying symptoms, address stigma, and coping strategies.  

If you would like your student to participate in one of these groups, please go to this link and select the appropriate group(s) for your student.

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