Follow Traffic Laws & Be Respectful of Property

Follow Traffic Laws & Be Respectful of Property
Help Us Be a Good Neighbor

It can be a bit difficult to live next to a school and handle the noise and traffic caused by people coming and in out of the school.  We want to be the best neighbors we can be.  Please help us by respecting other people's property by remaining on the sidewalk, throwing trash in proper receptacles, and not honking your horn. 

Parking in front of driveways is illegal and can cause a safety issue for the homeowner.  

U-turns in front of the school is also illegal and are a safety issue.  When a driver doesn't follow the laws, the additional cross traffic causes distractions for drivers.  Unfortunately, distractions cause accidents.  We don't want anyone injured due to distractions or accidents.  

The police have and will continue to monitor the traffic and parking laws around the school.  We don't your day ruined by a costly ticket.  

To bypass some of the traffic, consider dropping off and picking up your student at a different meeting spot a block or two away from the school.  

To be a good example to our students, please be sure to use the crosswalk on Parkdale Ave and Mira Mesa Blvd when crossing the street.  Jaywalking is also illegal and pedestrians must follow the same laws vehicles do.  The laws are in place to keep both the pedestrian and the driver safe.  

We appreciate your support!

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