Drop-off/Pick-up Safety Issues

Drop-off/Pick-up Safety Issues
Safety First

One of the primary goals for Challenger is to have a campus where students not only feel safe, but are safe. 

Drop-Off and Pick-Up Issues

Fire Lane: The fire lane, which is the driveway that runs past the visitor's parking lot and the bike rack and down to the PE fields, must remain clear.  It is illegal to park in any fire lane.  Please do not park and wait for your student in this red zone.  

Parking Lots: Please do not use the staff or visitor parking lots to drop-off or pick-up students.  Mixing pedestrians with vehicles is a safety hazard.

Supervision: Supervision is provided in the morning so students are allowed on campus as early as 7:55 AM.  They wait on the Shuttle Court until the rest of the campus opens at 8:00 AM.  There is no supervision prior to 7:55 AM, so we ask that students not arrive to campus prior to that time. 

After school, supervision staff is limited.  Students are asked to be off campus 5 minutes after the last bell and be on their way home.  Supervision at the front of the school ends 5 minutes after the last bell.  Any students who remain on campus after school must be under staff supervision.  This could be a club meeting, tutoring, studying or reading in the library, a middle school sports participant, or with the PrimeTime program.  Please work out an after-school plan with your student to leave campus in a timely fashion and have a backup plan so your student knows what to do if their ride is delayed. 

Traffic: There's no winner if a car hits a pedestrian.  Please follow these tips when driving in front of our campus.

1. Pull over to the curb to drop off or pick up a student.  It's illegal and unsafe to do it in the middle of the road.  It blocks traffic, frustrates drivers, and may cause them to go around and put the child in an unsafe position in the middle of the street.

2. Due to visibility issues, please keep street corners clear for students who are crossing the street.  Do not park or drop off/pick up students at corners.

3. Slow down in school zones.  It's worth a few extra seconds to save someone from injury.

4. U-turns are illegal in front of the school.  A U-turn causes more congestion and problems with the flow of traffic.  

5. Our priority is to move students safely to and from campus.  In the morning, the crosswalk will be used more as the school start time of 8:15 AM approaches.  Allow extra time for congestion and traffic stoppage.

6. Please keep your vehicle 30 feet from the crosswalks when pedestrians are crossing.  This provides additional safety buffer zone for our students and allows cars to also turn to help with the flow of traffic.

We greatly appreciate your help with keeping all of our students safe.  Finally, please help us be a good neighbor to the homes that surround us.  Do not honk your horn or park in front of their driveways.  

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