No Place For Hate Activities

No Place For Hate Activities
No Place for Hate

Challenger has committed to pursue the No Place for Hate designation with the Anti-Defamation League.  At the beginning of the year, students and staff signed a pledge to accept and respect others.  In November, we defined identity and how some things are outwardly visible, but much is hidden like an iceberg.  People's thoughts, experiences, and life are much greater than can be seen at a glance.  

In honor of Dr. King's birthday, we learned about the types of hate in the Pyramid of Hate and different ways that we can be tolerant of others, educate ourselves, and ways to speak up when we see injustice.

Our next activity in advisory will tackle slurs and offensive jokes.  Students will learn about slurs and understand how humor can be offensive.  They will also learn how to respond to offensive humor or slurs, so they can be comfortable if they choose not to be a bystander.  The following process can help any person if they decide to speak out.  A detailed guideline can be found here.

  1. Clarify for yourself what you want to get out of the interaction.
  2. Assume good will.
  3. Talk to the person privately.
  4. Use "I" statement, not "you" statements.
  5. Remember your rights.  
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